MORITZ – The beer of Barcelona

This ‘local brand’ is steeped in the history of Barcelona. Louis Moritz arrived in Barcelona from Alsace in 1851. After teaching beer making to others for 5 years he decided to purchase a small brewery. His beer went on to win many awards including the gold medal at the Universal Expo of Barcelona in 1888. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the brewery became state controlled. The family regained control after the war but faced a challenging economic climate during this period and due to financial difficulties was forced to stop production in 1978.

In 2004 the descendants of Louis Moritz restarted the oldest beer brand in Barcelona at the same location as the initial brewery, Ronda de Sant Antoni in the Raval. It has returned to its position as a leading gastronomic beer being served at Spain’s top restaurants including El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca.

Moritz Lager

Louis Moritz started with the philosophy that if 90% of a product is water, then you should invest in excellent water.

The water used to make Moritz is 100% natural spring water sourced from the Font d’Or in Montseny – Guilleries National Park, north of Barcelona. Hops flowers are used instead of extract, making the beer more pure and aromatic.

As for the taste: this lager is clean and pale, a hint of sweet malt with delicate citric hops. It has a lovely balance of sweet and bitter and is very drinkable. Often described as sunshine in a bottle.

5.4% Alc,
330ml Bottles and Cans

Moritz Epidor Dark Lager

Moritz Epidor can best be described as a Bock style lager. Traditionally, a Bock is a lager, amber to dark coloured, stronger in alcohol and coming from Germany. Epidor has a darkish copper colour with an off white head. The nose displays caramel, malt and subtle citrus as a result of the hops. Dominated by a strong malt character, Epidor has some pleasant hop bitterness and a dry lingering finish. It is medium weight and also has medium carbonation making this beer very easy to drink Epidor is great drinking all year round; sip at a slightly warmer temperature in the winter months or ice cold during summer for a full flavoured Bock style. Works well with strong hard cheese and charcuterie.

7.2% Alc
330ml Bottles

Moritz 0.0 (Aigua de Moritz)

Aigua de Moritz is a premium non-alcoholic beer made with mineral water.
It is the only non-alcoholic beer made entirely with natural mineral water. Like Moritz Lager, the water is sourced from the Font d’Or springs in Montseny and hops flowers go through cold extraction to produce the intense aroma and perfume.

0.0% Alc
330ml Bottles